Water Fluoridation


 We call for all parties and independents, with a democratic commitment, to join us in demanding a referendum allowing the people to decide whether our drinking water should be fluoridated or not.


 It is an abuse of trust for a small committee of elected representatives within Hull City Council, to presume that they have a mandate to make decisions on the mass medication of our water supply for us.


 We welcomed the news in 2016 that the Hull and Hessle Liberal Democrats launched a campaign against fluoridation of our water supply.



Reference: www.healthy-holistic-living.com

Stop Fracking Now!


 We are promoting the following local groups...


 - H.E.Y. Frack Off

 - Frack Free Ryedale

 - Frack Free York









Links courtesy of The Beverley Party...


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 - Fracking bribes

 - Crawberry Hill (1)

 - Crawberry Hill (2)

 - Aquifers & shales (SE biased)


 Check out the separation between the Chalk (aquifer) and the Lias shale (Jurassic). Wells went deeper than this, through the Triassic and Permian into the Bowland shale (Carboniferous) but were not licenced to:

 - The ‘separation’ maps


 Don't quite understand the comments in this article as there are no shales in the Permian or Triassic:

 - West Newton (2)

 Britain was a desert at the time!




Text Box: No Sane Civilization...

Poisons their own Water Supply




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 Liberty (Investigatory Powers Act)






















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